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James Krag, M.D.

James Krag, M.D., is a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, president of the Psychiatric Society of Virginia, and former president of the Virginia Association of Community Psychiatrists for four years. He is currently Medical Director of Liberty Point, a residential treatment program for adolescents with psychiatric problems.

Physician Resume 

Q: I sit around too much anyway. How could practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique help me? 

Q: If I practice the Transcendental Meditation technique, will I still need to take antidepressants? 

Q: I get severe episodes of depression every few years. Will the Transcendental Meditation technique prevent these episodes? 

Q: If I close my eyes, my mind is filled with thoughts about the things I have to do or about problems I have to solve. I can’t stop these thoughts, so how could I ever successfully practice the Transcendental Meditation technique? 

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