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We invite your questions about the scientific research on the Transcendental Meditation program. You may also submit a comment or suggestion about the Ask the Doctors website. Please note that the doctors featured on this website cannot answer questions about personal health concerns or dispense specific medical advice to individuals.

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Practice of the Transcendental Meditation program has been shown in numerous studies to reduce people’s experience of stress and to generally promote health. The Transcendental Meditation program works by both reducing one’s responsiveness to stress and by promoting the innate ability of the body to heal itself, as described on this website. Many people suffering from stress, often associated with chronic diseases, have found that they feel and function much better by practicing the Transcendental Meditation program, even if they continue to experience some effects of their disease.

You can locate a certified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program by calling 1-888-LEARN-TM (1-888-532-7686).